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Why the indivisible movement is no tea party

I’m very skeptical that the left can replicate what the right did with the tea party,  that is,  obstruct all attempts to pass the President’s  agenda and hold elected officials accountable.

The key to the former being the latter.

The mid terms are a year and a half away and one of the challenges the left faces is keeping the pressure on law makers. That means keeping themselves motivated.


But the indivisible and #resist folks, as far as I can see, have not scared Democratic leadership enough to becoming more obstructionists to Trump’s agenda as the tea party was to Obama’s. As I blogged on my own site, Democratic leaders, like Pelosi and Schumer, appear to be waffling on their fight to oppose Donald Trump .

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The views of a Trump advisor could bring about a trade war

Peter Navarro. from BI.


Imagine a world where we have full employment. Everyone has a job working 30, 40 sometimes 60 hours a week.   In that world you have a family and you’re bringing home a pay check every week and you’re not homeless.

But you’re not rich either.  You’re not even middle class.  You’re poor.

You can’t afford anything more than your mortgage, gas for your car and food on your table.

The price of a desktop computer has gone from $300 to $1000.  The price of a cheap 55 inch 4K tv has gone from $350  to $800.

Why would this happen?     What would cause such a reversal?   Another crash in the market?

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Trump to use Nat Guard to round up undocumented foreigners

According to the Associated Press, President Trump is living up to another of his campaign promises by working to deport 11 million undocumented foreigners living in the country.


A draft memo, leaked to the AP, states the National Guard will be activated well north of the Mexico border in states like Oregon and Louisiana to act as ICE agents in an unprecedented act of militarism.


The memo states The Guard would be authorized to “perform the functions of an immigration officer in relation to the investigation, apprehension and detention of aliens in the United States.“

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Are you planning an indivisible protest?

We’re continuing our web series on politics by doing a documentary style reality show on activists protesting the new Republican Congress and President.


So far, the Republican Congress has made clear their intention to gut the ACA and many believe the administration has planned cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and social security.
There is a plan of action document called indivisible as seen on the Rachel Maddow show.

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Let’s Talk Politics: S1E1 – Follow Up

In the second segment of Let’s Talk Politics, guest Ari Aranda discusses how he came to his political and world views citing two very important authors and books he’s read.

Below are links to those authors Jared Diamond and Richard Dawkins.  These two university professors are influential  if not controversial. Both men have tried to explain the meaning of civilization and life in very distinct ways.

Jared Diamond’s Gun’s Germs and Steel was turned into a three part television movie. While Richard Dawkins, a preeminent atheist, has appeared on many talk shows such as Real Time With Bill Maher

Below are links to the most popular books these men have published.

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Let’s Talk Brooklyn Premiere

Welcome to the very first episode of Let’s Talk Brooklyn.

On today’s episode host Lawman Lynch speaks to lawyer turned satirist Ari Aranda about his journey from being a real estate attorney to becoming a stand up comedian and satirist.

At the beginning of the year, Ari quit his law firm, hired a film crew and produced a feature length movie entitled The Merman Prince for El Presidente Emperor Warlord!

The movie satirizes Republican nominee Donald Trump.  Take a look at a teaser of the show here:

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