Let’s Talk Games: Monopoly

World Monopoly Day is fast approaching.   In honor of the day, Hasbro, the current owner of Monopoly, has replaced some of the iconic game pieces with  new “modern” pieces.

The board game, introduced in 1935 by Parker Brothers, has had 20 classic pieces such as the iron, thimble, wheelbarrow and boot.  The last time a piece was replaced was back in 2013 when the iron was replaced by a cat.

Earlier this year, Hasbro announced a world wide vote to replace more  pieces.  The contest, dubbed Monopoly: Token Madness ended in January 31.



On February, after some 4 million votes, Hasbro announced the thimble had been axed:


The thimble was part of daily life when it was chosen as an original game piece. But, in the recent Token Madness competition, it had to compete against more relevant entries like a computer, a cellphone and a jet.


Today, the replacement icon was revealed to be the T-Rex (which is not exactly a modern representation of daily life like the thimble before it).   The wheelbarrow and boot were also announced with replacement pieces, rubber ducky and penguin.


A new iteration of the game with new pieces will be out soon:


The Scottie dog, top hat, car, battleship, cat, T-Rex, rubber ducky, and penguin tokens, are the eight game pieces that will be featured in the next generation of the game.


World Monopoly Day is Sunday, March 19th.   Let’s Talk will have an all new episode in a few weeks discussing the fascinating history behind this iconic board game.  In the meantime, take this Monopoly board game quiz to find out how much you really know about Monopoly.