Are you planning an indivisible protest?

We’re continuing our web series on politics by doing a documentary style reality show on activists protesting the new Republican Congress and President.


So far, the Republican Congress has made clear their intention to gut the ACA and many believe the administration has planned cuts to Medicaid, Medicare and social security.
There is a plan of action document called indivisible as seen on the Rachel Maddow show.

This action calls for grass roots protests, nationwide, in a very specific and calculated way.


Written by White House staffers, indivisible has been downloaded over a million times and has already been used in states like Virginia to protest the administration  and local officials.


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The goal of the series is to document the rise of what could be a powerful grassroots uprising, historic in nature, beginning organically all around the United States.


Given the show is shot in Brooklyn we want to begin with local activists but also plan to interview similar groups popping up around the United States. The project will be produced by writer, producer and director Eric Darnley Small along with a small field crew of 1-2 people.  The series will air on YouTube, cable and V-TIP.COM.


If you or a group are  planning to protest the inauguration of Donald Trump on January 20th  or if you plan sustained protests using indivisible as a guide, please reach out to us via this blog, call 888-388-4763 ext 3 or go to  the contact us page and put “indivisible protest” in the subject.


When you make contact please tell us a little about yourself.  What is your interest in politics, your experience and background in activism?  Finally, what are your overall goals and plans in the coming weeks?


Don’t forget to let us know  the best way to reach you.


If you’d be interested in working behind the scenes on this project, please let us know that as well.


Watch the remaining episode here:


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