Let’s Talk Games: Monopoly

World Monopoly Day is fast approaching.   In honor of the day, Hasbro, the current owner of Monopoly, has replaced some of the iconic game pieces with  new “modern” pieces.

The board game, introduced in 1935 by Parker Brothers, has had 20 classic pieces such as the iron, thimble, wheelbarrow and boot.  The last time a piece was replaced was back in 2013 when the iron was replaced by a cat.

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Why the indivisible movement is no tea party

I’m very skeptical that the left can replicate what the right did with the tea party,  that is,  obstruct all attempts to pass the President’s  agenda and hold elected officials accountable.

The key to the former being the latter.

The mid terms are a year and a half away and one of the challenges the left faces is keeping the pressure on law makers. That means keeping themselves motivated.


But the indivisible and #resist folks, as far as I can see, have not scared Democratic leadership enough to becoming more obstructionists to Trump’s agenda as the tea party was to Obama’s. As I blogged on my own site, Democratic leaders, like Pelosi and Schumer, appear to be waffling on their fight to oppose Donald Trump .

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